What The Critics Are Saying About The "KISSED" Series

“I loved it…! This was definitely my type of book. Just from the
cover…I wanted to read this story.
Dashawn did not disappoint with his debut novel!"
- Wendy Williams ( Fox Network / BET / UPN)
“Breathtaking and Shocking! Kissed by the Devil will catch the
reader off guard from the beginning. Packed with amazing twists
and turns…Dashawn brings his A-Game with his first fiction piece.
Kissed By The Devil was a great read.”
 - Vibe Magazine 

“Kissed by the Devil is a riveting debut novel by Dashawn Taylor.
Taylor pulls no punches as he starts with the heart-stopping drama
right away with the first page of the prologue. This pulls the reader
in head first into the complex world of Heidi and will have you
eagerly flipping the pages.”
 - Urban Reviews.com